Fruit Ninja For Pc

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In Fruit Ninja Your goal is simple – score as many points as possible, slicing and dicing fruits. To do that you use your finger to cut fruits in half! When the game starts you have one minute to slice as many fruits as you can. You get bonuses if you slice 3 or more fruits with one hit, and the faster you dice em, the greater you score! So let’s see if you got what it takes to be a full blown ninja chopper. Exercise your skills!

Play Fruit Ninja For PC!

If you think chopping up watermelons is lame, and slicing through strawberries is silly, think again. Fruit Ninja will make you prepare a salad at home, throw it up in the air and slice through it with your favorite knife. Seriously, fruit ninja game is a well designed action game, that is also competitive & challenging!

You’ve probably already seen a sample from Fruit Ninja for PC, the hottest new computer game since Farmland, if you watch TV at all. In two versions of her saturated TV commercials, the T-mobile girl in the cocktail dress swipes her fingers across the screen, and a juicy melon is sliced in half.

Fruit Ninja for PC is sure to suck you in after a few minutes. The smashed fruit brings a certain pop to the graphics, and technically this whimsical game has enough bells and whistles to keep you staring at the screen for hours.

The first twist you notice about Fruit Ninja for PC your ability to slash through several fruits at once. Since more points are awarded for multiple hits with the same slice, two agile fingers can work in concert to really boost your score.

But watch out; just when you think you have it mastered, along comes a bomb! If you recognize the sneaky bomb and let it whisk by, you’re cool. But if you mistake the bomb for a kumquat and rip through it – Kaboom, game over

Fruit Ninja Features:

  • 5 Different Game Modes!!!
  • Online Multiplayer Option!
  • Intense Arcade Game!

  • **New**  Pomegrande Fruit!!
  • How Fast Are You? Hit Up To 45!
  • Use Pomegrande For Bonuses!

  • Slice & Dice Fruits For  Combos!
  • Up To 6 Different Combos Possible!
  • Get Bonuses For Fast Slicing!!!

  • Play Fruit Ninja On Your iPhone!
  • Play Fruit Ninja Online! Chop Chop!
  • Play Fruit Ninja On Your PC!!