Fruit Ninja Download

Fruit Ninja Download For All Systems

If you think Fruit Ninja, the addictive fruit-slicing game from Halfbrick Studios, is mega popular in North America, you should check out the Fruit Ninja download mania in Europe and Asia.
With over ten million paid downloads worldwide – and growing – the Fruit Ninja app is selling better than real fruit in the supermarket – and the ninja melons are always ripe and juicy!
To appreciate how fiendishly simple the game is, just imagine the satisfying “pop” of feel-good endorphins exploding in your head each time you slice right through the middle of a ripe fruit… splat!
Now multiply that sweet rush by dozens per minute, throw in some booby-traps and some advanced modes, and you can understand why the Fruit Ninja download in the number one selling app in Germany, Norway, Russia, Israel, Taiwan and Macau.

Fruit Ninja for Dummies

So here you are, trying to slash through colorful fruits that whiz by your screen. You can soon learn to use two or more fingers to destroy several fruits at a time, and parlay your fancy finger-work into high scores and bonus features, but the fruit is just as savory for novices who like their fruit served up one at a time.
When first learning the ropes of your Fruit Ninja download, you can take it easy, flexing your ninja muscle with some low-flying strawberries and apples, waiting for the booby trap. It’s a doozey!
Amid the limes and melons is the occasional bomb. It looks like a cartoon bomb that would say Acme Bomb Co., hence nothing like a piece of fruit. If you’re calm and collected, you notice the ugly bomb and stay away from it.
But if you’re caught up in a frenzy of advanced double-swiping and hyperactivity, you might accidentally slice open the bomb. That brings the game to a halt, and your fun to a standstill.

Go To the Head of the Class

So Black Belt Ninja Fruit senseis aside, this game is for everyone. As with all fast action games, the more you play, the faster you become – and the faster you become, the greater the potential for addiction.