Fruit Ninja hack

Fruit Ninja is one of the most basic games you can ever play for the iOS. It is simple to use and the point is very simple: hack as many fruits as you can in a specific amount of time to get high scores. The objective is so easy and mindless that anyone can instantly become a fan of the game. However, the speed of the game becomes so fast at times that it is virtually impossible to slice all the fruits at once. In addition, critical hits are also hard to do and sometimes you just want to be able to do it with ease. Fortunately there is a Fruit Ninja hack you can do to the game which will enable you to experience both things with ease. Regarding how you can do it, simply follow the instructions given below.

The first thing that you need to know is that this Fruit Ninja hack will only work on jailbroken devices. If your iOS device is in this condition, you are able to download the Cydia app, which is a crucial part of hacking the game. Now assuming that you already have it, launch the app. Once you are in, click on “Sources” and add one. A small window will appear on your screen prompting you to type in the new source. Enter “” as the source and click OK to add it. When you have entered it correctly, the new source will appear as part of your list.

The hack folder will appear as “Nadis Lai’s Game Mods” in the list. Click the source to open the list of various hacks for games. While there are many titles available on the list, you only need to look for one and that is the Fruit Ninja mod. Look for it under the letter “F” and click on the folder. This will not be the easiest part of hacking the game. Upon clicking the name of the game in the mod folder, you will see two actions in it. One is an option for Half Speed and the other is for Critical Slice.

During the first attempt, both are turned off which means they aren’t enabled yet. Simply swipe your finger on each option to enable the features. The enabled icons will appear as “1” instead of “0”. Then, click the enable feature and save what you have done. After you are finished, launch Fruit Ninja again and start playing. You will notice that slicing the fruits are now much easier to do and getting Critical Slices are also easier to accomplish. On a final note, there is another Fruit Ninja hack or two that can be found online but they aren’t as easy to accomplish as this one. In addition, some of the releases are also fakes and they do not work even if you have a jailbroken app. This cheat has been tested and certified to work on all iOS devices. Enjoy slicing fruit at your own pace with this mod!